Dad Dressed Up as Elsa to Support His Son’s Love for Frozen

An Australian father is encouraging his six-year-old son to be himself, regardless of what others might say. Scott Stuart is a 36-year-old dad to Colin. Scott said that his son has loved Queen Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen since he was three years old.

Elsa from Frozen
Dad Dressed Up as Elsa to Support His Son’s Love for Frozen

He mentions that he has wanted to have every toy and every costume of Queen Elsa ever since. Colin even had an Elsa doll that he took everywhere and showed everyone because he was so proud of it.

Owning Up to the Admiration of the Disney Princesses

Now, at the age of six years, Colin has a huge adoration for many, if not all, the Disney princesses. Still, he was recently hesitant to put on an Elsa costume to go to the movie theater to see Frozen 2, fearing that others would make fun of him.

Scott felt that he had one of two options as a father. He could either help teach his kids to run away from who they really are and what they love to please others around them, or he could teach them to be courageous and proud of who they are.

Instead of just telling his son that he supported his decision to wear an Elsa costume to the movies, he showed it by wearing a matching blue dress and blond wig.

Realizing Everyone Can Love Elsa

Dad Dressed up as Elsa
Dad Dressed Up as Elsa to Support His Son’s Love for Frozen

According to Scott, Colin loves “traditionally-male characters” as well, such as Spiderman and Batman. However, his favorites have been the Disney princesses and queens.

He mentioned that there had been some backlash regarding his preferences. One day Colin came home from preschool upset that someone told him Elsa was only for girls.

In the beginning, Scott wasn’t so confident about his support for his son’s admiration of Queen Elsa. Still, he soon realized that if his son wants to do something that is outside of a gender norm, it’s completely okay.