A Family Is Spreading Messages of Hope With a “Unity” Mailbox

People often send thoughtful messages to one another, but these days, most of them are electronic and through social media. A father and son from Chesterland, Ohio took a different and more traditional approach to the sending of messages of hope to others. They decided to create a “Unity” mailbox.

A brown mailbox
A Family Is Spreading Messages of Hope With a “Unity” Mailbox

A Unity Mailbox to Spread Peace

The idea was to set up a unity mailbox to share messages of love and kindness with others. The family wanted to do their part to spread peace and understanding in the area. Anyone can go by the mailbox and write their inspirational message.

They hope to inspire people to write a message for someone else and take a message for themselves. The family mentioned that they are looking for any kind of message that they want to share with their community or ideas that they want to get out there in order to better themselves and others.

Another main reason for this mailbox was to help get people off social media for a bit. Since people are staying indoors more, they’re being consumed by electronics and social media, so being able to write down a message on paper and give it to someone else is a different kind of outlet.

Leave One, Take One

The Unity Mailbox
A Family Is Spreading Messages of Hope With a “Unity” Mailbox

The unity mailbox was set up with the idea of “leave one, take one” so that there is always a message for the next person. The family put the word “unity” on the side of it so that people are certain which one to open.

It’s located on Mayfield Road in Chesterland, Ohio, which is where the family is from and wants to spread peace.

This gesture was a way for the family to help others on an inspirational level despite all the things going on in the world. It’s a traditional outlet that not many people turn to these days.