How to Upgrade the Shoulder Halo Workout & Get Shredded Abs

One of the most underrated ways to train your delts is doing the shoulder halo exercise. It will take your shoulders through a range of motions and also challenge them to move from many angles. However, it can be very easy to do the exercise wrong, especially if you relax your abs for even a few seconds.

Man doing a shoulder halo workout
What is the Shoulder Halo Workout?

The shoulder halo workout involves holding a kettlebell or dumbbell as you create a circle, or halo-like motion, around your head. Many people do this exercise standing up. In this case, you’ll have to stand tall while keeping your chin up and eyes forward. While maintaining stable hips, lift the kettlebell above your head and rotate it around your head without allowing it to move too far away.

During this exercise, it’s important to keep your abs engaged at all times. If you don’t have a tight core while doing this workout, it can take off the emphasis from the muscle you’re training. To ensure that you’re getting the proper workout, you can upgrade your exercise by consistently engaging your abs.

Engage Abs for an Upgraded Workout

Man doing a V-Sit Halo
By doing the V-Sit Halo, you’ll be able to keep your core engaged and never give it a break. The V-Sit Halo will help you avoid cheating through the workout by preventing you from relaxing your abs.

When you relax your abs, your ribcage will open up and this can cause your back to arch. This will cause you to start borrowing motion from other parts of your body, except for your shoulders, which is the part of your body that you want to be training.

By starting in a V-sit position with your legs straight and slightly lifted off the ground, your abs won’t ever lose tension. This can help you improve your shoulder workout while also engaging you in a sneaky ab workout.